Pinecastle recording artists Merle Monroe is a band created by musicians Tim Raybon and Daniel Grindstaff. Basing their sounds from collective experiences as professionals in the music business, which essentially is a mix of vocally centered hard-driving bluegrass all the way to a tear at your heartstrings Merle Haggard style ballad. Merle Monroe believes Bluegrass, Gospel and Traditional Country music is America’s music, the stories of the common man and the sounds of the mountains.



Out of the heart of Harrison County, West Virginia - the home of coal, gas, glass and steel - comes a group of homegrown musicians who forge their name from a musical creativity that is as deep as their heritage in the mountains they call home. 

Blue Steel is known for their strong vocal harmonies, well-crafted original music and acoustic adaptations of some classic Rock favorites. 

Cash Staub



Cash describes himself as a “traditionalist” in Bluegrass and Country music. At just age 13, his determination is all his own. His goal is to show a young generation how cool traditional style Bluegrass and Old Country music is, while creating new content that honors his heroes. 

With guest spots already under his belt on Woodsongs Radio Hour and at The World Famous Station Inn in Nashville as well as guest performances with other respected artists in the field he wishes to be a part of, Cash commands the stage with the confidence of a seasoned performer, and is right at home with the audience.

Songs of the Fall